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2011 Submissions

pico army pico army Rated Stars unfininshed Comedy - Original drunkn men drunkn men Rated Stars well... this is ma first non-colored fullbody animation ....... looks like crap eh Comedy - Original rhg battle:jack vs CAASIX rhg battle:jack vs CAASIX Rated Stars a finished entry for a *real*rhg battle on FA! i'm just waiting for XxIsAacxX's entry Action insane muay thai insane muay thai Rated Stars eh i know it's NOT muay thai it's an epic fight Comedy - Parody little short no.1 little short no.1 Rated Stars i know it's short and insane BLOOD Action stickman student stickman student Rated Stars and here's my LONGEST MOVIE sit back and enjoy my long LONGest movie Comedy - Original mission no.4:gunz mission no.4:gunz Rated Stars warning:using V-cam but not too shaky lol heh Action superman lolz parody superman lolz parody Rated Stars soo.. this is REAL longest 77 sec 1244 frames lol Comedy - Parody airplane war airplane war Rated Stars lolz XD Comedy - Original mission no.3:boss fight mission no.3:boss fight Rated Stars an insane fight between me(blue) and enemy(red) Action mission no.2:beyblade mission no.2:beyblade Rated Stars and this is the 2nd part of "mission" Comedy - Original mission 1: the arena mission 1: the arena Rated Stars and here's my longest animation 2 days to make but i cant make it as so long so ill cut it Action my first 30 fps animation my first 30 fps animation Rated Stars :333333 Action xiaoxiao 3 xiaoxiao 3 Rated Stars Vcam edition Action poor poor Rated Stars bang bang boom boom bangbangbangbangbang *swish* *pok* BOOM!! *swish* *WINK* BBAAAANNGGG Comedy - Original D.F.R.S.M. 2 D.F.R.S.M. 2 Rated Stars PART2 Comedy - Original D.F.R.S.M. D.F.R.S.M. Rated Stars ( damn f* skateboard movie) Comedy - Original RHG no.2 REX vs yoyo RHG no.2 REX vs yoyo Rated Stars this is the second of RHG battles that I made for newgrounds and post it successfully!!! Action Rhg # 1 Rex Vs Fllffl Rhg # 1 Rex Vs Fllffl Rated Stars REX (leokids) vs FLLFFL ( terkoiz) Action Supra Tornadooo! Supra Tornadooo! Rated Stars EVERYBODY RUNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comedy - Original my first and best ani my first and best ani Rated Stars my first and my best animation Other